Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Dreams are in Reruns

Straight to the point, I dream in reruns.

Seriously, some nights it's like sitting in front of the TV for countless hours of vintage programing, except my dreams are rarely that sappy.

Strangely enough, I would be hard pressed to relate the contents of my midnight story board to people in the awake state. Yet, while I am dreaming I am acutely aware of the been there done that feeling.

Reruns are not the only parallel my dreams have to a Hollywood day job. I also have retakes, multiple points of views, unresolved plot and vivid colour. I dream in genres including horror, love story, slasher, nostalgia and realism.

With all this material you'd think I would be a millionairess, but no such luck. I wake up at least once a night thinking "that would make a great book," only to realize in the morning that I apparently live in my dream world at times. (Thankfully not in all of my dreams).

After all, when talking squirrels and car crashes are competing for prime time it feels more like an advertisement for a bad drug trip than a book on the bestsellers list.

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