Saturday, May 22, 2010

Essay Ecstasy

Sounds pretty erotic doesn't it? Keep in mind the title does not say Ecstasy Essay!

However, I just spent the last few days working on my first critical review for science and handed it in less than an hour ago. I have to admit I feel pretty good.

I love the process. Read, research and write my little heart out. Build the topic into a slow frenzy and spit out a beautiful piece of work. I feel like I made a piece of art, something worthy of hanging on the wall.

Ah, a well written essay makes my heart thrum.

Sadly though, it ended in an anticlimax. The literary meaning of course. It was due midnight on Friday and with half an hour to spare I hit the submit button and sat in the after glow (literary meaning of course) until I realized I used the wrong format.

The computer said it went through so I will just have to trust in technology to get it there.

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